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About Us

At Customer One Solutions, we are a group of former small business owners and operators, who have walked down the road of entrepreneurship.  We understand what it means to miss a paycheck so your employees can be paid.  What is means to wake up in the middle of the night because an alarm has gone off.  What is means to figure out the direction and future of the business.  How to deal with potential buyers and how to handle your staff when your acquisition is complete.

We understand that day in and day out you worry about your family, your business, your staff and your customers.

We know the landscape and environment of technology and how a small to mid sized business will scrimp and save to make the best investment it can to improve the organization.  Wew know backup and recovery of your business data a is a serious concern but sometimes cost prohibitive.

We know that cyber security is something every business has to worry about, but its not at the top of your concerns right now.

We are here to help!